Toby Ziegler once said, “It’s not the battles you lose that should bother you.  It’s the one’s that you don’t suit up for.”
I say “put me in, coach!!”

We’re In This Together!

Meet Ben

Ben is the guy on your road whom everyone depends on. He and his tractor are there to pull the log out of your driveway after a windstorm, and he always remembers to ask about your parent who is recovering from surgery. Ben is also a man who knows how to get things done. He is a family man who represents commitment, integrity, and accountability. His word is as good as his handshake.

Ben’s Priorities

Abortion, Birth Control, Women / LGBTQIA and Gender Affirming Health Care

Access to abortion, birth control, and gender affirming health care have been the right of Americans for decades and these rights are clearly supported by the majority of voters. Taking away pre-existing rights of the majority by a zealous minority is unacceptable. I respect the right of anyone who chooses not to have an abortion, not to use birth control, or not to seek gender affirming care. I will never support the right of the government to deny these rights to our citizens.   I am fully committed to the protection of the rights of women and members of the LGBTQIA Community.

Climate Change & Environment

Western North Carolina is not immune from the effects of climate change. Although climate change is a universal threat, our policies must reflect the needs of Ashe, Alleghany, and Watauga Counties to be effective. Comprised of unique rural communities, our climate policies must reflect the diversity of our District to ensure that no community is left behind.


Families need a home, a place to live, grow and thrive. Housing is at the root of so many interconnected economic and social problems we face here in the High Country. Too many of our families can’t afford to buy a home, can’t find rental housing, or are living in unsafe structures. We struggle to recruit a workforce to keep our families close because there are so few affordable places to live. Access to reasonably affordable housing is good for business; for health and wellness; for mental health; for our children. I promise to support programs that lower our cost of living by expanding options for housing, not just for the tourism industry and second home owners, but for our local people who are the bedrock of our community.

Gun Violence

By expanding access to guns, resisting common sense gun safety reforms, and failing to support programs to identify and intervene before potential offenders begin pulling the trigger, the Republicans are increasing the likelihood of gun violence and increasing the risk for all citizens and law enforcement. I support the Second Amendment, but not without restrictions that protect us from those who have expanded its scope beyond its original intent. 


As Americans, we are fortunate to live in one of the most advanced and prosperous nations on the face of the globe. And because of this, I fundamentally believe affordable access to health care is a right for all, not a privilege for the few.

Public Education

We need to support and strengthen our public education system at all levels for all people. Teachers need our respect, not our harassment. While the Republican majority has been systematically defunding many aspects of public education and narrowing curriculum content and extra-curricular activities, they are expanding a voucher system that is a clear give away of our tax dollars to the advantage of unaccountable private religious schools. Public education is the foundation of economic success and opportunity in the High Country. It can also be a mechanism to bring us together to find common ground in this polarized time. I will fight for legislation that strengthens our local schools, increases teacher and staff salaries, and reinstates the master degree differential. I will also support our higher education system so that all our children have access to the education that they need to achieve their dreams.


It’s time that we bring farmers back to the forefront of economic policy and recognize farmers as essential workers. I am ready to work towards a better future for local agriculture community.

Economic Development

All the residents of the High Country deserve to have the opportunity and resources to continually improve their economic circumstances. We need to diversify and strengthen the economic base of small business, tourism, health care, trades, and small industry for both employers as well as employees in our communities. I am ready to work towards a better future that works for all the people of the District.

“I will work tirelessly to ensure everyone’s right to vote, to halt climate change, and to protect reproductive freedom and the privacy and autonomy of health-care decisions between all individuals and their health-care providers. I will sponsor and vote for policies that build our social and technological infrastructure so desperately needed to address the economic issues of the High Country. We must bring good high-paying jobs to the area, address food and housing insecurity, and provide healthcare for everyone.“

Ben Massey, Candidate for NC House 93

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