In the High Country, our political structure is actually a 3-Party system – Republicans, Democrats, and Unaffiliated.

42% of voters in the 93rd District are registered as Unaffiliated.

The predominate power for the 2024 elections is clearly held by the Unaffiliate voters of the 93rd District.

Unaffiliated voters have made a clear and rationale choice not to align with either traditional political party. They represent all ages, income levels, and genders. The individuals I have talked to who are registered Unaffiliated are no less concerned about our country, our state, our communities.

Some lean left, some lean right, most are complex independent thinkers who want the same things we all want – individual freedom, economic opportunity, rational government regulation and community supports, personal safety, healthcare – without all the partisan bickering.

The down side of registering Unaffiliated is that is it becomes more difficult to be heard in all the Party rhetoric.

So, here is my message to the Unaffiliated voters of Ashe, Alleghany, and Watauga Counties:

I want to hear from you. I promise to listen, and ask you to help me understand.

Email, call, or text me!
919 667-3966

There will be a series of listening sessions scheduled over the coming months.
Please join me and feel welcome!

When elected, I want to represent all the people of District 93 and I can’t do that without you.

Please pass this message and invitation along to Unaffiliated voters and anyone interested in following my campaign.

Encourage them to sign up for future communications through my website at or follow me on social media.