As I talk with folks across our district, it is clear that there are three things the majority of us want from our elected officials at all levels,

Communication, Collaboration, and Civility. 

I remember from my days as a healthcare advocate in the Legislature and on Capitol Hill when members of both parties worked together for the good of the people.  Perspective and new ideas sometimes came from the far left or the far right, but the solutions, the compromises that allowed forward momentum and positive action, came from the middle. 

The magic was in the middle. 

There is a reason that there are far more voters registering as unaffiliated than as members of either major party. Each for their own reason, but collectively, this sends a clear message that,

a majority of the electorate is done with party loyalty.

Many of us retaining party membership also want change.  

Perhaps it is time for us to send a strong message to our elected officials that we, the electorate, are done with partisanship and polarization.  We are done with the name calling, intentional disinformation, and authoritarian power grabs, rather than the priorities of voters. 

In a democracy, the people lead. We have the opportunity to exert our leadership and our collective power to elect officials who place a priority on representing us and the common good.  We can elect officials who are committed to our ideals but who are also committed to finding the magic in negotiation and compromise.

If we choose not to act, if we choose not to vote and we choose silence, then we risk losing our power, our liberty, our voice, and the magic of democracy.

We are Better Together!