A true democracy requires that the voters have a choice. And boy, do we have choices to make this year.

The choice between extremely different candidates – an old guy with experience, wisdom, empathy, and
an authentic concern for the needs of everyday Americans, or another old man who is eager to join the
authoritarian leaders of the world, who lies non-stop, and who has no respect for democracy, women,
LGBTQ+ folks soldiers, or anyone who does not pay homage.

(By the Way, I had the good fortune to attend President Biden’s Rally in Raleigh on Friday and he was
vital, funny, sharp and delivered a convincingly powerful address. Not at all the guy we saw on the debate stage. He passed by and waved not more than 15 feet from where I was sitting! )

The choice between a proven leader who will foster safer communities, stronger public schools,
healthier families, personal freedom and protect our democracy and a white national extremist who
wants our state to return to the days before a woman could vote, to completely ban abortion and likely contraception and defund public education.

The choice between increased access for all to vote, and restrictions and gerrymandering that limit
access and the value of each of our votes.

The choice between strong public education and taxpayer supported religious education.
The choice between democracy and dictatorship.

Let’s celebrate this on our nation’s birthday and then next week, me must all get in gear to save our